The Snežnik Hiking Trail


The peak of Snežnik Mountain rises proudly above the dense forests of the surrounding area and far above the other domed peaks of the surrounding hills. It’s the highest non-Alpine peak in Slovenia. The mountain cabin ‘Draga Karolina’ (Koča Draga Karolina), which is also open at the weekends in winter, if the weather is fine, sits just below its peak where there is an outlook plateau. There is a magnificent view of Gorski Kotar, Risnjak as well as Snježnik and Učka in Istria to the South and over the whole Notranjska region all the way to the Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karawanks to the North.

Starting point:

You will be picked up at your place of accommodation or any other pre-agreed place.

Route direction: Sviščaki – Snežnik – Sviščaki

Route description:

The Snežnik Mountain hiking trail should by no means be underestimated. From autumn to spring the area is covered in deep snow which hinders movement. In addition, there is often a strong wind, it gets dark soon as the days are shorter and heavy fog tends to spread through the forest, obscuring the path. The two most well-known starting points to ascend from are Leskova dolina (valley) and Gašperjev hrib (Gašper Hill) on the north facing slope, however the most popular trail is the one on the south-west facing slope with the starting point at Sviščaki, a village above Ilirska Bistrica.

We take the forest road (which meets the main road Ilirska Bistrica – Stari trg, the road we came by, at a right angle) off the parking lot by the Sviščaki mountain lodge (Planinski dom na Sviščakih), continue along it for about 15 to 20 minutes (1.5 km), pass through Sviščaki village till we finally get to the wayside shrine of St. Gabriel.  There the trail splits into two and we will see a blaze pointing for us to turn left onto a narrower and steeper path, which goes uphill on the right side of the road. It takes us another 10 to 15 minutes to reach a gently sloping downhill trail leading to the forest road. We cross it, pass the bench and follow the direction for Snežnik given by the signpost. We continue on the trail going gradually uphill. In a few minutes we get to a smaller wayside cross with a blaze pointing left. Another 10 to 15 minute walk along this yet narrower trail brings us to another section of the forest road higher up. We cross it, take the shortcut uphill till we get to a cart track.

We continue along this trail and after about1 km we come to the end of it. It is customary to bring firewood to the cabin, so if there is any strength left in you, you can pick up a piece of wood on the way and carry it along as the peak is not too far away from there anymore. It is a half-hour walk at the most. There is a clearly visible trail just off the parking lot leading up to the mountain cabin ‘Draga Karolina’ (Koča Draga Karolina) on the Big Mount Snežnik over the slope covered by dwarf pines. The peak can be seen rising high right above the cabin.

Destination: The Snežnik mountain (1796 m)

Climb time: 2 hours

Total time: 4 hours

Difficulty level: not difficult, marked trail

Lunch stop: The Sviščaki mountain lodge (Planinski dom na Sviščakih) (1242)

The mountain cabin ‘Draga Karolina’ (Koča Draga Karolina) on the Big Mount Snežnik (1796 m)

Starting point: Postojna



1 person = 150€
2 person = 100/per person
3-5 person = 90/person
6+ person = 80/person